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Sloppy Shuffle Triumph

Chris Kenner

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Chris Kenner's version of Sid Lorraine's classic Slop Shuffle effect - a variation on one of the most beloved plots in card magic since. Simple, direct, and visual.

A playing card is selected and lost in the deck. The deck is then mixed face up into face down, making a mess of the cards. Instantly, all of the cards turn face UP - except the original selection.

Remastered and recreated - Chris Kenner presents his take on a classic.

Sloppy Shuffle Triumph is a quick, easy, and powerful magic trick that every card magician should learn and have in their arsenal. The entire routine can be performed without the use of a table.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, learn the complete trick now - along with all the fine details and subtleties that make it so effective - in nearly 15 minutes of pristine, high definition instruction.

"One of my favorite effects. It fools people everytime." - MagicShadow9, theory11 forums

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