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Slow Dance

A lamp that slows down time.

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New BLACK Edition. An optical illusion lamp that allows real objects to move in slow motion - in real time.

Slow Motion in Real Time

Slow Dance is an optical illusion lamp that allows real objects to move in slow motion. It shouldn’t be possible, but a mixture of art, science, and technology makes it a reality. It’s a reminder that mystery, beauty, and wonder surround us every single day.

A Beautiful, Magical Experience

You’ve seen slow motion on video, but never directly in front of your eyes like this. Any light and small object - from flowers and weeds in your yard to feathers from your favorite bird - can open the doors to a brand new world you’ve never seen before. It will change the way you see these objects forever.

See the World Differently

Slow Dance contains different modes you can cycle through that will change and alter your perception:

- Slow Dance: objects appear to move in a beautiful and relaxing slow motion.
- Double Trouble: the object starts as one, and appears to split into two.
- Pop and Lock: the object appears to jump through space, resembling stop motion.

Slow Dance arrives with the following items: Two feathers, a US-compatible power adapter, and a wall mounting hook.

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