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The Snap Change with Michael Hankins

With just a snap, one playing card instantly changes into another.

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Mike Hankins teaches Ed Marlo's classic Snap Change with TWO variations in nearly 20 minutes of detailed instruction.

A playing card is held at your fingertips. In the motion of snapping your fingers, it instantly and visually changes into another card. A practical color change you can apply to any card trick.

Comprehensive, thorough instruction on one of the most visual color changes ever performed and ever devised. Learn it now - and learn it right.

Mike Hankins guides you through every detail, step, and nuance of the sleight in almost 20 minutes of comprehensive one-on-one training - complete with the full history and crediting behind the move and two additional variations - filmed on location in New York City.

"If you're a beginner, this is a great place to start." - Seventeen, theory11 forums

Want to know MORE? Listen to our latest roundtable discussion podcast with Michael Hankins.

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