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Spello Change by Jesse Feinberg


Jesse Feinberg makes his theory11 debut with a powerful, visual masterpiece. Cryptic writing on the back of an ordinary card case slowly and visually changes to reveal a spectator's selection.

Spello Change was recently performed by award winning magician Lu Chen on national television and can be done with ANY card box - Bicycle, Split Spades, Tally-Ho's, Guardians, or Smoke & Mirrors.

Since the moment it was released, Spello has receive rave reviews. It is simple to perform, and truly allows for unlimited possibilities. Reveal a name, a number, or a card. With creative routining, you can come up with your own variation of the Spello Change. Think outside the box.

The cellophane is completely normal. Also taught is a way to hand everything out for examination at the end of the routine. Magic does not get more powerful than this - it will leave your spectators scratching their heads for months. Watch the preview - see it to believe it.

Listen to the exclusive podcast with Jesse Feinberg discussing this effect. Within the podcast, Jesse answers many questions about the Spello Change. This is as good as it gets - a gem by any definition.

Spello Change by Jesse Feinberg Cryptic writing on the back of a normal card case visually changes.

As performed on national television by Lu Chen - a visual effect that is easy to learn and completely examinable.

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