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STAIRWAY by Marcus Eddie


An ordinary bill is borrowed from your spectator - then folded over the bottom of two rubberbands being held at the fingertips and paperclipped to ensure full security. Additionally, a member of your audience pinches the bottom of the bill to dissolve any doubts. NO funny business.

What happens next is practical, impromptu, visual magic at its best.

One-by-one, the bill travels up both rubberbands with just a flick of the wrist, coming to rest on the very top strand. Three penetrations done in ten seconds time, under impossible conditions. For the finale, the bill travels back down the bands slowly and visually - ending where it originally started.

Learn the history and crediting behind the trick, the short setup and moves required to perform STAIRWAY, performance and practice tips, and more - all in 15 minutes of concise instruction from one of the most creative and brilliant young minds in magic today.

"Very practical - this trick is definitely a keeper." - Zach, California

STAIRWAY by Marcus Eddie An exclusive magic trick from one of magic's rising stars - a powerful a la carte offering from FIVE.

A borrowed dollar bill travels up and down two ordinary rubberbands, while paperclipped at the bottom AND being pinched by your spectator for additional security.

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