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The Force

Mathieu Bich

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A spectator sticks a card into the deck as you riffle down. The chosen card is forced.

An easy, angle proof, invisible force.

French mastermind Mathieu Bich brings you a simple yet devious sleight called, quite simply, The Force. You hand the spectator a card, riffle the deck, and ask them to tell you when to stop. They proceed to insert the card into the deck - wherever they’d like. The spectator’s choice of where to put the card is completely their own.

You cut to the precise location of their choice, and it's done. A force so powerful, you can literally tell people you won't force them, then proceed to do exactly that! Halfway through, you can even hand them the deck so they can locate the selection themselves!

Powerful - yet diabolically simple.

The Force is a powerful move that requires almost no effort. After just a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to execute The Force every single time. Mathieu Bich covers all of the nuances and details to make this work flawlessly. Jump inside and learn the ways of The Force.

While The Force was created independently by Mathieu Bich, a similar move was published by Stanley Collins in 1950.

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