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Wayne Houchin

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Performed by Criss Angel on his A&E television series Mindfreak.

In 2000, Wayne Houchin created an effect that would become his opener for the better part of the next decade. The concept was strange yet exciting. Raw, visual, and striking in its simplicity.

A length of thread is swallowed and immediately pulled from your eye. It looks as real as it sounds. THREAD has become one of the most talked about and sought after effects in magic.

W:H performs and reveals the exact method and presentation he has used to open his performances for almost a decade (The Geek Method). A method based entirely on sleight-of-hand and can be performed safely is also taught (The Sleight Method).

Also featured is a bonus effect: the classic broken and restored Gypsy Thread. Learn how to break a length of thread into several small pieces and then restore them in the fairest way possible. Wayne uses this effect as the perfect lead in to THREAD.

THREAD was shot in high definition and includes over 95 minutes of live performances, detailed instruction, special features, interviews, and a bonus effect (Gypsy Thread).

Thread - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

Is THREAD safe? Yes. In fact. there are 2 methods taught in the video - the "Geek Method" and the "Sleight Method." Both of these methods appear identical to your audience. Although Wayne has been performing the Geek Method for about a decade with no problems, there will always be some risk associated with it (as in truth, it does involve your eye).

The Sleight Method, however, is based entirely on sleight of hand - so there is no risk at all involved. So to answer your question, yes, Thread can be performed safely with no damage to your eye. That said, Thread is intended for the serious performer.

Can I perform THREAD if I wear contacts / glasses? Yes.

Can I perform THREAD if I wear pants? No. Just kidding. Yes. But not pleated pants. Because those are so 1997 it's not even funny. Just kidding again.

Does the video come with everything I need? You will need some common household items that are described in the video (for example, the spool of thread). All of these items are easily available.

Where can I learn the history and crediting for THREAD? All history, crediting, and additional references can be found in a special feature film in the THREAD video.

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