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by Ran Pink

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Divine exactly what someone is thinking, with no explanation other than REAL magic.

Imagine the ability to actually read someone's mind. A name. A number. A thought. Divine exactly what someone is thinking, with no explanation other than REAL magic. T-REX is as close as you can get.

The Ultimate Center Tear

T.REX is different than any similar methods in how clean and fair it truly is. T-REX is natural, organic, and motivated. You don't even look at your hands until the paper is torn to tiny bits.

“T-REX is quite simply perfect. I’m now convinced a center tear can be fast and invisible whilst allowing you to see roughly 75% of the billet after just one tear. Please read that sentence again. This is the way we’ll all be doing center tears from now on. Fact!” - Colin McLeod

Easy to Learn and Perform

Ran Pink goes over the T-REX technique in 25 minutes of HD streaming video instruction, while also covering alternate handlings, presentation ideas, and the history of the move’s origins. Once learned, you will be performing mind-blowing mentalism in a matter of minutes.

To celebrate the release, get the original, full length T-REX PDF included FREE, for a limited time. It features 126 pages of bonus tears, effects, and contributions from Richard Osterlind, Michael Weber, Andrew Gerard - and more! Originally released for $60 on its own - it’s yours as a bonus included with your purchase. T-REX is the perfect resource for learning the Center Tear, whether you are brand new to magic or a seasoned veteran.

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