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Homer Liwag

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Known for his precision and perfection in both his magic and his video productions, Homer brings you three of his original coin vanishes taught in stunning detail.

In his premiere release at theory11, Homer Liwag proudly presents THREE of his favorite sleight of hand coin vanishes - the Melt Vanish, the Himber Melt Vanish, and the Flipover Vanish.

Powerful coin magic you can perform at a moment's notice.

Known for his precision in both his magic and his video productions, Homer brings us three beautiful vanishes from his personal repertoire and featuring his signature attention to detail.

Taught for the first time on their own, learn the sleights, details, and subtleties that Homer has become renowned for in roughly 25 minutes of comprehensive, high definition training.

"The best coin vanishes I have come across. These will floor anyone." - cedwards90, theory11 forums

"I loved Trifecta - it was the first thing I got when I started with coins." - Robert, Alabama

It has come to our attention that Ian Kendall published a similar handling to one of the Trifecta vanishes back in 1994. Visit for more info on Ian and his work.

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