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Eric Simmatis

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TWITCH is a color change, a switch, and a utility move, all done with one hand.

Eric Simmatis presents a fast, visual color change, a deceptive switch, and a slick utility move, all rolled into one. Learn all 3 applications. This is Twitch.

Display a card’s face in full view of your audience, held by the fingertips. With just a twitch, the card visually and impossibly changes. Make no mistake - this is NOT a variation of the Snap Change. This is fresh, and this is new. Learn it in complete detail – all in 13 minutes of powerful instruction.

As a bonus, Eric presents a striking, visual Torn and Restored card that looks too good to be true. Take a look and explore all the endless possibilities that are yet to be discovered – it’s limited only by your imagination.

Crediting Note: Lukas Olson independently created a similar move entitled The Transformer Change in May of 2010. We appreciate his blessing in support of this video.

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