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Mathieu Bich

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Learn a stunning revelation straight from the mind of award-winning magician Mathieu Bich. Simple, direct, and effective.

A playing card is chosen and placed back into the deck - and a napkin is introduced and fully examined. You sprinkle some water lightly over the napkin... and the impossible happens.

Slowly and visually, the chosen selection appears through the water.

WATERMARK is a concept that enables you to reveal a name, card, object, or anything else your heart desires using nothing more than some water and a napkin, tissue, or cloth.

The napkin can be kept as a souvenir and everything is fully examinable. Dan White teaches the trick in 10 minutes of detailed instruction - filmed on the streets of New York City.

"Powerful, easy to do, angle proof, and completely genius." - Zach, theory11 forums

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