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Transcript by Spidey

Transcript by Spidey A crash course in one of magic's most powerful routines.

Three routines based on the classic, iconic mentalism plot: The Book Test.

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The Book Test is a powerful, iconic effect. With countless variations, the plot remains one of magic's most elusive, guarded secrets.

The spectator selects a random word from a normal book. Out of millions of possibilities, you are able to divine the exact word they were thinking of. With no gimmicks, no plants, and virtually no setup.

Transcript includes THREE impromptu book test routines masterfully taught by Spidey, a professional mentalist and creator of Psycho, Sneak Peek, and Out of My Mind. Transcript is a crash course in the fundamentals of book test techniques.

In this download, you'll learn three effects: Association, The Double Prediction, and Spidey's handling of the Hoy Book Test. Spidey will not only teach you how to perform these effects, but the history and how to perform them effectively.

Along with these routines, you'll learn comprehensive sleights, techniques, and routines to master the world of mentalism with borrowed books. Spidey will teach you the tools you need to perform these routines or to create your very own.

Special thanks and credit to: Barrie Richardson's "Curtain Call," Dan Harlan's "Mentalism Show," and David Hoy.

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