Beginner Magic Tricks

Beginner Magic Tricks

Are you just starting to learn magic tricks and need material and knowledge that will set you apart from the rest? Start performing powerful, professional-level magic now with these beginner friendly tricks that are extremely easy to learn and perform. You will be able to amaze your friends and family within minutes of learning the secret!

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Zandman Book Test by Josh Zandman 3495
Instantly know the exact word the spectator is thinking of.
Quantum by Calen Morelli 2500
A Sharpie VISUALLY melts through a playing card. You move it around freely - then slowly remove it.
The Code Andy Nyman 995
Introducing a powerful new system that enables you to read people's minds and create your own prediction routine.
Double Cross Mark Southworth 6000
A permanent mark drawn on your arm visually VANISHES - then appears on the spectator’s hand.
Omega by Max Major 2495
Instantly know the exact card your spectator cut to, without ever touching the deck.
Lit Dan White and Dan Hauss 3495
A matchbook transforms into a spectator's selected card... in their hand.
Healed & Sealed by Anders Moden 1995
An empty, crushed can of soda magically reseals and refills itself.
Animation Yigal Mesika 1995
Make any object MOVE on command.
Phone Vanish Blake Vogt + Dan White 1995
Make your phone vanish - on command - anytime, anywhere. A powerful, practical impromptu miracle.
Sleeper Eoin O'Hare 1000
A freely-selected card rises out of the deck, held completely in the spectator’s hands. Diabolically constructed by Eoin O'Hare. Instruction by Blake Vogt.
Aberdeen Thread James Dickson 695
The most fair, clean, and simple torn and restored thread routine ever devised.
Akkelian Envelopes by Spidey 2495
A Powerful, Impossible Mentalism Tool
Rhine's Dice Matthew Mello 1495
Read a spectator’s mind using an ordinary set of dice.
Scarlet Josh Zandman 3995
Instantly divine the exact word the spectator is thinking of.
SvenPad Brett Barry 2495
A powerful mentalism device that allows you to READ your SPECTATOR’S mind and divine their thoughts.
Self Tying Shoelaces by Jay Noblezada 1995
Tie your shoelaces - automatically - without using your hands!
Bare The Other Brothers 3495
Cause a name, number, card, or shape to eerily APPEAR on the spectator’s hand.
Unbelievalope 2.0 Jeff Kaylor 3495
Multiple random spectators name anything - destinations, activities, numbers - and everything is revealed in a prediction that’s been visible the entire time.
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I’m new to magic. Where do I start?
Check out the Beginners Guide to magic at theory11 and start performing unbelievable magic within hours. Our quick start guide will walk you through the easiest and most impressive magic that we’ve released over the last decade.
What makes theory11 the best source to learn magic?
Our team is composed of the best of the best minds in the magic industry - from performers to consultants that have created illusions for countless magic projects on stage, film, and television. Learn magic tricks directly from the creators.
What are the easiest card tricks to learn?
Our instructional magic training videos will have you amazing your friends and family with simple, visual card tricks that you can perform anytime, anywhere. Start with some of our easiest card tricks and become the life of the party.
What are the best playing cards to use?
Our premium and designer playing cards are the perfect compliment to any magic trick - featuring luxury decks produced in collaboration with Star Wars, Saturday Night Live, Neil Patrick Harris, and more. All made in the USA.
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