Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks

Imagine the ability to enter a room with just a deck of cards and instantly become the life of the party. Or perform magic tricks that look like ACTUAL superpowers - bending metal spoons and making objects float at a moment's notice. Learn incredible magic tricks you've seen in hit movies and television shows, taught by the BEST magicians in the world.

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Petroleum Max Lukian 1495
Cards are shuffled face-up into face-down. Impossibly, instantly, they separate - with no funny moves.
Facade - Magic Mask 2.0 Seth Raphael 4995
A high-tech system by Seth Raphael that enables you to perform incredible mentalism routines LIVE - online - at the touch of a button.
Polygraph Alexandros Vasileiou 1495
An impromptu, impossible "which hand" routine - using psychological techniques undetectable by any audience.
Alias Colin McLeod 9900
Instantly divine a name, number, or drawing a spectator is thinking of - under impossibly fair conditions.
Unbelievalope 2.0 Jeff Kaylor 3495
Multiple random spectators name anything - destinations, activities, numbers - and everything is revealed in a prediction that’s been visible the entire time.
Double Agent Blaise Serra 1995
A thought-of card instantly appears in the spectator’s hands.
Verbatim Mark Elsdon 1995
Imagine having the ability to read someone’s mind from THOUSANDS of miles away.
52 to 1 Wayne Fox and David Penn 3495
With no sleight of hand, cut the deck to the precise card the spectator is merely THINKING of.
Optical Deceptions by Calen Morelli 1295
Effects designed for this moment in time - specifically created to be presented on video via Instagram, YouTube, FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom.
Omega by Max Major 2495
Instantly know the exact card your spectator cut to, without ever touching the deck.
CYBER Worm 4995
Created by Worm in collaboration with theory11.
T-REX by Ran Pink 1995
Divine exactly what someone is thinking, with no explanation other than REAL magic.
Perfect Cents by Cosmo Solano 4995
Any number is named. That number matches the EXACT amount of change in your pocket. Every. Single. Time.
Quantum by Calen Morelli 2500
A Sharpie VISUALLY melts through a playing card. You move it around freely - then slowly remove it.
Flux by ProMystic 19995
A Breakthrough in Magic Technology
Bend Menny Lindenfeld 2495
Bend metal with only the power of your MIND.
Scarlet Josh Zandman 3995
Instantly divine the exact word the spectator is thinking of.
Animation Yigal Mesika 1995
Make any object MOVE on command.
Healed & Sealed by Anders Moden 1995
An empty, crushed can of soda magically reseals and refills itself.
Zandman Book Test by Josh Zandman 3495
Instantly know the exact word the spectator is thinking of.
Self Tying Shoelaces by Jay Noblezada 1995
Tie your shoelaces - automatically - without using your hands!
Mint Box by Daniel Garcia 6000
A pocket-sized piece of brilliant engineering.
Position Impossible Brent Braun 3999
A stunning "card at any number" routine that is incredibly easy to perform.
Perfect Square by JB Dumas and Michael Lam 7995
Instantly solve a Rubik's cube freely shuffled by your spectator - with no previous skill required!
M-Case by Michael Chatelain 3495
An automatic, invisible, instant switching device.
Tarantula 2.0 Yigal Mesika 795
Make any small object FLOAT in mid-air or move on command. The strongest, most reliable levitation device ever produced.
Akkelian Envelopes by Spidey 2495
A Powerful, Impossible Mentalism Tool
Phone Vanish Blake Vogt + Dan White 1995
Make your phone vanish - on command - anytime, anywhere. A powerful, practical impromptu miracle.
ParaPad by Paralabs 1500
A powerful, pocket-sized mentalism tool.
Bare The Other Brothers 3495
Cause a name, number, card, or shape to eerily APPEAR on the spectator’s hand.
Rhine's Dice Matthew Mello 1495
Read a spectator’s mind using an ordinary set of dice.
Chaos Mathieu Bich 995
A deck of cards is freely shown in random order - then somehow reshapes itself into perfect, new-deck order.
Torn & Restored Transpo David Williamson 1995
A card is visibly torn, changed, and restored in the spectator’s hands.
Thumb Propulsion Andrei Jikh 0
Precisely shoot a card out from a deck of playing cards.
Spring Andrei Jikh 0
One of the most visual moves in cardistry.
Flick Andrei Jikh 0
Flick a card from one hand and catch it with the other.
SvenPad Brett Barry 2495
A powerful mentalism device that allows you to READ your SPECTATOR’S mind and divine their thoughts.
Surefire Blake Vogt 0
Predict a selected card. Easy to learn.
Criss Cross Force Blake Vogt 0
Force a selected card upon a spectator. Easy to learn.
Torn & Restored Bill Blake Vogt 0
Tear and restore a dollar bill. Easy to learn.
Odyssey Calen Morelli 3495
A ring visibly jumps from finger to finger, hand to hand. A hyper-visual miracle years in the making.
Departure Chris Smith 3495
Vanish a spectator's ring, then make it reappear on your keyring.
SMOKE 2.0 Alan Rorrison 3495
Produce a cloud of smoke from your mouth, on command.
Aberdeen Thread James Dickson 695
The most fair, clean, and simple torn and restored thread routine ever devised.
Sleeper Eoin O'Hare 1000
A freely-selected card rises out of the deck, held completely in the spectator’s hands. Diabolically constructed by Eoin O'Hare. Instruction by Blake Vogt.
AmazeBox Kraft Mark Shortland 5995
Predict what a room full of people are thinking, without sleight of hand, under test conditions. It's entirely self-working, and you never even touch the box.
Revolution Greg Wilson 3495
Spin any deck of cards on the tip of your finger with only minutes of practice! The perfect ice-breaker effect, no reset required.
The Invisible Card Blake Vogt 2495
With your hand held out in a closed fist, you ask your spectator to think of a card. You reveal that the card they thought of was in your hand the entire time!
Double Cross Mark Southworth 6000
A permanent mark drawn on your arm visually VANISHES - then appears on the spectator’s hand.
Break Uday Jadugar 2995
Slowly break a real metal copper penny in HALF! Totally examinable before and after. You can even let them keep the leftover pieces as a souvenir.
Sub Rosa Jason England 3495
A symbol of secrecy. An underground technique. A covert, powerful method. Finally yours.
Side Steal Jason England 995
Control a single card to the top of the deck. Completely undetected.
Counterfeit Wayne Houchin 2495
Tear a card into four pieces - then visually restore it, piece by piece, right in front of your spectator's eyes.
Multiple Shift Jason England 995
Control multiple cards to the top or bottom of the deck. Completely undetected.
French Kiss Wayne Houchin 1995
The spectator's SIGNED, selected card changes places with another - all while securely held in the spectator's mouth.
Foundations 3 Jason England 4995
SIX card techniques taught in 3 hours of instruction by one of the world's foremost experts: Jason England.
Decoy Eoin O'Hare 1495
A deck of cards VISUALLY compresses. An ingenious method by Eoin O’Hare. Instruction by Zach Mueller.
Overstuft Bizzaro 3495
Eat the cream out of an Oreo cookie - then slowly, visually refill it! No sleight of hand required. As seen on Ellen with Justin Flom.
The Code Andy Nyman 995
Introducing a powerful new system that enables you to read people's minds and create your own prediction routine.
NB3 Chase Duncan 695
Meet Chase Duncan. In his theory11 debut, he teaches three new epic flourishes: Nimbus, Bowtie, and 3D.
Phantom Spidey 695
The spectator is asked to THINK of any card they see. Spread the deck - and it's GONE. Where did it go? It was in their hands the entire time.
Monument Dimitri Arleri 3495
Over two hours of cardistry instruction in Dimitri Arleri's debut cardistry project.
Dangerous Daniel Madison 2995
A massive two volume DVD anthology of magic tricks, cardistry, and madness.
Digital Dissolve BJ Bueno 2495
With just a wave, a copper coin VISUALLY changes into a silver. A coin transposition truly worthy of the reactions it receives.
Schwing Rising Card Chris Kenner 495
Chris Kenner presents a personal selection from his acclaimed book - Totally Out Of Control. Perform it completely surrounded with ANY deck of playing cards.
threeFry Chris Kenner 495
Chris Kenner presents a simple coin trick that looks like real magic. Learn fundamental coin techniques and an incredible routine that ties them together.
4for4 Switch Chris Kenner 495
Original, practical, and clean. An essential utility move you can instantly add to your arsenal. The 4for4 Switch is something every card magician should learn and use.
TIVO 2.0 dananddave 495
Dan and Dave Buck present an effect so visually striking you'd swear there were duplicates. Originally taught on The Trilogy, learn it now completely on it's own.
Molecule Cut dananddave 495
Originally taught on The Trilogy, this fast flourish has become a popular and beloved move among cardists and magicians alike.
SUBWAY dananddave 495
A completely modernized handling of Earl Nelson's popular trick - Submarine Sandwich. This is the easiest trick they do... and perhaps the most visual.
Hoffzy Osbourne dananddave 495
Your spectators will swear you have some sort of supernatural powers - the magic happens in their hands. An exciting new variation on the classic Hofzinser Ace trick.
Click Change dananddave 495
Originally taught on Dan and Dave's acclaimed anthology on card magic, learn it now on it's own in rich detail. A unique variation on the classic Snap Change.
Realtime dananddave 495
Realtime is an instant, visual four ace production from the minds that brought you The Trilogy. This is what magic is supposed to look like.
HUGH SCOTT SHUFFLE dananddave 495
Originally published in 1948, this beautiful and unique playing card shuffle has become an underground gem - until now.
Carnahan Fan dananddave 495
Originally taught on Dan and Dave's acclaimed anthology on card magic, learn it now on it's own in rich detail.
Commercial dananddave 495
A card trick that spawned a new generation of magicians. Learn it now in over 10 minutes of comprehensive instruction.
The WERM Dan and Dave Buck 495
One normal deck is manipulated into multiple packets in a long chain - a WORM.
Invisible Reverse Chris Kenner 495
Chris Kenner presents an extremely simple and effective card routine you can immediately add to your repertoire.
Sloppy Shuffle Triumph Chris Kenner 495
Chris Kenner's version of Sid Lorraine's classic Slop Shuffle effect - a variation on one of the most beloved plots in card magic since. Simple, direct, and visual.
HEDBERGs PEAK dananddave 495
Dan and Dave Buck have come up with yet another visual masterpiece. Originally taught on The Trilogy - learn it now in full detail completely on its own.
SHIFTY Chris Kenner 995
Never before taught or performed on video, SHIFTY is nothing short of true magic. Perform it with ANY deck at a moment's notice.
Simple Triumph Chris Kenner 495
After the deck is shuffled face up into face down, the deck is spread to reveal ALL cards face up except the chosen card.
Hellbound Spellbound Chris Kenner 995
Chris Kenner brings back another favorite from his personal repertoire and classic book Totally Out of Control - taught in high definition video format for the first time.
REBEL Daniel Madison 495
REBEL is a signature cardistry sequence from the mind of underground magician Daniel Madison. The best part? It's completely false, beginning to end.
AKiRA Dan and Dave 495
Learn the flourish in full detail now in a concise, descriptive training video.
SWISS MADE dananddave 495
Another beautifully startling magic trick from the minds of Dan and Dave Buck. Visual magic at its core. An card routine that flows together seamlessly.
Missing Link Chris Kenner 995
Chris Kenner presents a signature, trademark effect - now taught in video format for the first time. Two borrowed rubberbands. One visual miracle.
Triple Shuffle Joel Paschall 495
Perform three separate bridges in the course of a single shuffle. Fast and fluid.
UNICOIN Chris Kenner 695
Chris Kenner presents his unique take on the classic Coins Across plot. Pure sleight-of-hand coupled with devilishly clever misdirection in one incredible routine.
CRUNK Daniel Madison 495
Underground magician Daniel Madison presents an instant, effective, and visual card routine based on the classic sandwich plot - done in the action of a flourish.
FIVE SPEED Chris Kenner 1295
Chris Kenner proudly presents the perfect card routine for those wishing to have one piece of strange tucked up your sleeve.
BLUFF PASS Wayne Houchin 495
Wayne Houchin presents a classic move in the arsenal of any skilled card magician. The Bluff Pass allows you to control ANY card instantly to the top of the pack.
ASYBIL Daniel Madison 495
Out of chaos comes order. If you are familiar with the origianl Sybil Cut and are looking for an advanced application, ASYBIL will not disappoint.
FAN CONTROL Joel Paschall 495
Under the guise of simply returning a selected card to a fanned deck, the performer is able to control the card anywhere you desire.
STATIC Joel Paschall 495
A flowing cut that is surprisingly deceptive.
FLICKER Doug McKenzie 595
An instant coin production from the mind of magician Doug McKenzie - lead magic producer for David Blaine. Simple, quick, direct, and completely impromptu.
Backpack Cut Andrei Jikh 495
Learn the exact, proper cut technique with nearly 7 minutes of detailed instruction.
inFLIGHT Daniel Madison 495
Daniel Madison presents an intermediate cardistry move taught in complete detail with slow motion shots from both front and side angles.
Ace Cut Joel Paschall 495
Joel Paschall presents Ace Cut - a one-handed Ace cutting sequence that leaves the entire deck in perfect order. No crimps. No bends. No gimmicks.
BLUEPRINT Chris Kenner 695
Chris Kenner, executive producer for David Copperfield, presents his version of the classic Fingerprint plot by Dai Vernon. Perform the trick at a moment's notice.
Cardistry 101 Andrei Jikh 395
With instruction on the Charlier Cut, the Thumb Cut, the Thumb Fan, and the One Handed Fan by Andrei Jikh in Las Vegas.
SWE SHIFT Chris Kenner 695
Chris Kenner presents instruction on the SWE Shift - one of the most widely practiced and rarely perfected moves out of the classic text Expert at the Card Table.
Polaroid Change Robert Smith 595
Fresh from the underground New York magic scene comes the Polaroid Change by B. Smith. An intermediate color change never before tipped until now.
RIOT Dan Hauss 1495
You then hand the signed card back for complete and total examination.
Death to the Double Undercut Joel Paschall 295
Joel Paschall presents two simple, effective, and deceptive card controls that you can use in any magic trick or card routine. Learn them now in high definition.
eXile Mathieu Bich 995
Three X's drawn on the spectator's hand visibly transpose. A simple, beautiful miracle.
SLIPSHOT Chris Kenner 495
Industry professional Chris Kenner, executive producer for David Copperfield, presents expert instruction on a classic sleight-of-hand card movement.
REDLINE Dan Hauss 695
Dan Hauss makes his theory11 debut with a quick, visual, impromptu piece of magic you can perform at a genuine tube of Chapstick at a moment's notice.
BREACH Daniel Madison 595
A signature card trick from the mind of underground magician daniel+Madison and one of the premiere effects from his two DVD anthology on card technique.
Strike Second Deal Jason England 995
Jason England presents the definitive guide to getting started with the Strike Second Deal. A tool you will practice in pursuit of distant perfection.
The Bottom Deal Jason England 1495
A legendary sleight-of-hand technique that enables you to covertly deal the bottom card of the deck while in play.
Push Through Shuffle Jason England 995
An essential move in the arsenal of the trained card technician, the Push Through False Shuffle is a move that is deceptively simple and simply deceptive.
The Biddle Trick Jonathan Bayme 495
Jonathan Bayme presents instruction on the classic Biddle Trick - with credit to Elmer Biddle, Tony Kardyro, and Ed Marlo.
B4CUT Andrei Jikh 495
Originally created for one of theory11's weekly Saturday Night Contests.
Diagonal Palm Shift Jason England 995
Expert card technician Jason England presents a graduate course in Diagonal Palm Shift technique - a classic move studied by the legends.
BLIND Daniel Madison 595
daniel+Madison returns with a demonstration of blind coincidence. Two decks with different backs are used. Nothing more, nothing less.
ELECTION Chris Kenner 695
Chris Kenner's powerful take on a classic. An experiment in coincidence that is simple, powerful, and versatile. You will use this in every performance.
Card Manipulation 101 : v1 Dan Sperry 995
An introductory course in card manipulation with instruction by award winning stage performer Dan Sperry. Start the journey now.
Palming Fundamentals Jason England 995
Jason England presents expert instruction on the card palm - a move with applications ranging from magic tricks to card cheating.
Cookie Cutter Dan Sperry 995
Award winning performer and creator Dan Sperry presents his delicious take on the classic Russian Roulette routine. Strictly intended for those over the age of 18.
Card Manipulation 101 : v2 Dan Sperry 995
Dan Sperry presents volume two of his acclaimed Card Manipulation 101 series - designed to take your stage technique to the most advanced level attainable.
Card Manipulation 101 : v3 Dan Sperry 995
In volume three of the Card Manipulation 101 series, Dan Sperry teaches even more complex material to complete your knowledge in card manipulation.
GLITCH Daniel Madison 495
Daniel Madison presents GLITCH - a simple and effective color change done with nothing but sleight of hand and pure finesse. Inspired by the Snap Change.
The Center Deal Jason England 995
One of the most difficult moves in the field of card technique, the Center Deal is finally illustrated like never before in video format.
Ishkabibble Sandwich Eric Jones 995
A signature card trick from the mind of magician Eric Jones. Learn every sleight, detail, and nuance that make this effect so scandalously visual and silky smooth.
MacMillan Switch Jason England 695
Expert card technician Jason England presents a pivotal sleight-of-hand card movement published over 20 years ago.
The Greek Deal Jason England 995
The Greek Deal allows you to covertly deal the second-to-the-last card of the pack while in play... completely unnoticed.
TRIFECTA Homer Liwag 995
Known for his precision and perfection in both his magic and his video productions, Homer brings you three of his original coin vanishes taught in stunning detail.
Elevator Cut Eric Jones 495
Eric Jones, known for his unique style and original twists on age old concepts, has once again delivered an exciting new move based on the classic Butterfly Cut.
Faro Shuffle with Homer Liwag Homer Liwag 695
Homer Liwag presents the Faro Shuffle and an underground move 25 years in the making - the Filipino False Faro.
El Cambio Nada Eric Jones 695
With a slow and simple wave of your hand, one playing card instantly and visually changes into another. Special thanks to Rune Klan for his blessing and permission.
The Gypsy Thread Dan Sperry 495
Award winning magician Dan Sperry teaches the classic Gypsy Thread effect. It speaks for itself - a length of thread is broken and then beautifully restored.
CoinONE Homer Liwag 2995
In November of 2006, Homer Liwag raised the bar with CoinONE. MAGIC Magazine called it "magical... a work of art."
Pop Out Move Chris Kenner 495
Chris Kenner presents his take on the classic Pop Out Move by Piet Forton. With a cut of the deck, a selected playing card visually pops out of the center.
STATIC David Jade and Damien Vappereau 1995
A practical, simple, beautiful effect that is easy to learn and fun to perform.
Dancy Revelation Luke Dancy 495
Luke Dancy presents an all new, flourishy false cut and a smooth four card revelation straight from his personal repertoire.
Untitled Luke Dancy 495
The latest release from the mind and repertoire of Luke Dancy. A trick with a twist ending that leaves them speechless.
GPS Chris Kenner 495
Your spectator selects ANY card then shuffles it back into the deck - yet you are able to accurately identify their card.
Watermark Mathieu Bich 995
Learn a stunning revelation straight from the mind of award-winning magician Mathieu Bich. Simple, direct, and effective.
VCR Change Apollo Robbins 495
Renowned magician and master pickpocket Apollo Robbins teaches a color change that happens entirely in your hands.
The Double Lift Jason England 695
Learn the basic Double Lift - complete with FOUR strong variations, tips, and nuances.
The Snap Change with Michael Hankins Michael Hankins 395
Mike Hankins teaches Ed Marlo's classic Snap Change with TWO variations in nearly 20 minutes of detailed instruction.
The Zarrow Shuffle Jason England 1295
Learn a powerful tool that can be applied to any routine or gambling demonstration - created by Herb Zarrow.
Harbor Change Michael Hankins 495
A stunning color change with numerous variations and limitless applications - straight from the mind of Michael Hankins.
Card To Mouth Dan White 495
A simple and critical magic trick in the arsenal of many working professionals with detailed instruction by Dan White.
Gorilla Change Dan Hauss + Dan White 495
A simplified variation on the classic Bertram Change - with a unique twist. It's smooth, easy to learn, and can be immediately applied to any card trick.
Push Off Second Deal Jason England 995
Jason England teaches an advanced utility sleight with countless applications in 30 minutes of extensive instruction.
Be Kind Change Tony Chang 595
+ Taught in 22 minutes of detailed training with theory11 in New York City.
CRUSH Eric Ross 1295
On your command, cause an ordinary, borrowed bottle to collapse.
STAIRWAY Marcus Eddie 795
A borrowed dollar bill travels up and down two ordinary rubberbands, while paperclipped at the bottom AND being pinched by your spectator for additional security.
LINX Alex Pandrea 695
Alex Pandrea makes his theory11 debut with a piece of visual eye candy that happens in your spectator's fingers.
DVR Tony Chang 595
A signature effect by underground New York City magician Tony Chang.
Spello Change Jesse Feinberg 995
As performed on national television by Lu Chen - a visual effect that is easy to learn and completely examinable.
COLORBLIND Luke Jermay 795
With your eyes closed - or blindfolded - you instantly divine whether each card is RED or BLACK - with 100% accuracy. Learn 5 unique, diabolical methods to accomplish the effect.
The Classic Pass with Jason England Jason England 995
An age old technique in card magic - taught in intricate detail by an unrivaled mechanic.
Shinobi Control Emran Riaz 495
+ learn a unique force and a sandwich routine using the Shinobi concept by Emran Riaz
Pinky Count Jason England 695
A utility sleight than enables you to get a break under any number of playing cards from the top of the deck.
The Gambler's Cop with Jason England Jason England 695
An essential utility move that enables you to steal away a selected playing card.
Revolver Kelvin Chow featuring Andrei Jikh 695
"The most unique, striking color change I have EVER seen..." - Stephen Adler, Michigan
MASTERFILE Lennart Green - The Master Files 14995
Four volumes loaded with content from the mind and unrivaled intellect of Lennart Green, former FISM World Champion and 2005 TED Conference Speaker.
DRESSCODE Calen Morelli 1295
A visual, powerful miracle by Calen Morelli. Resets in less than 15 seconds, and includes everything you need to make it happen.
Cannibal Cards Michael Hankins 695
Critically acclaimed: "Wonderfully surprising with a perfect final line." - Eugene Burger
STRIKE Jesse Feinberg 595
A pack of matches is torn and visually restored multiple times, each time more visual than the last. Completely examinable.
Riffle Stacking with Jason England Jason England 1495
Explained on video in comprehensive detail for the first time. 41 minutes in length.
DIVIDED Jesse Feinberg 595
An indifferent card is torn and shown up until the very last second - yet still changes into your signed selection.
ECLIPSE Eric Jones 695
The top card is shown, then as it is replaced, it is revealed to be an entirely DIFFERENT card. A sleek, one handed top change.
ALCHEMY Ben Seidman 995
Visually vanish or change a coin to another object while showing your hands completely empty. No gimmicks. No magnets. No strings.
TWITCH Eric Simmatis 495
TWITCH is a color change, a switch, and a utility move, all done with one hand.
Top Card Cover Pass with Jason England Jason England 995
33 minutes of detailed instruction by an unrivaled card mechanic: Jason England.
The Hole Thing Chris Mayhew 995
Two Jokers trap your selected card between their fierce hands, all in view through a hole cut in the center of each card.
Balean Twist Bizau Cristian 995
Perform an impromptu version of the Invisible Deck - with ANY deck - and more.
VERTIGO Rick Lax 595
An empty card box - and the FULL deck itself - remains suspended in space. No strings, wires, or magnets. Looks like REAL magic.
False Overhand Shuffle Jason England 695
A utility move that has existed for centuries, now taught in intricate detail by Jason England in this 35 minute downloadable video.
HighRise Rick Lax 695
No duplicates, no switches, no gimmicks, no sudden or awkward movements.
The Dead Cut with Jason England Jason England 1295
A staple move in the fundamentals of card magic, now taught in intricate detail by Jason England in a 48 minute downloadable video.
Tabled Faro Shuffle with Jason England Jason England 1295
Learn an invisible sleight that can interlace or stack a deck for magic or gameplay.
The Force Mathieu Bich 395
A spectator sticks a card into the deck as you riffle down. The chosen card is forced.
Classic Color Change Jonathan Bayme 0
Originally found on page 154 of the most widely studied book on classic card technique - The Expert at the Card Table. Learn it now - free!
Fancyband Chris Kenner 0
Chris Kenner presents a classic impromptu demonstration of skill that you can use to impress anyone at a moment's notice.
Transcode Mathieu Bich 695
Visually change the back design of a card as it passes through the center of the deck.
Insane Andy Nyman 895
You show the spectator your prediction BEFORE the trick begins. The spectator shuffles and deals to any card. Their selection matches the prediction.
DistorTion Wayne Houchin 995
The diamonds on a playing card visually multiply and move across the card to reveal a spectator's selection.
The Trilogy dananddave 2995
The most groundbreaking card anthology to be released in the past decade.
BeLieVe Joel Paschall 1995
Learn to perform a visual playing card transformation under the cleanest conditions possible. With a simple wave, it changes.
PROPHET Tom Isaacson 2495
The most visual, fluid bill change handling to date taught in unrivaled detail.
PRESSURE - Cell Phone in Balloon Daniel Garcia 1995
By Daniel Garcia & Daniel White
TnR Mathieu Bich 2495
The signature magic trick of International FISM winner Mathieu Bich for over half a decade. Torn. Restored. Transformed.
THREAD Wayne Houchin 2995
Performed by Criss Angel on his A&E television series Mindfreak.
Lit Dan White and Dan Hauss 3495
A matchbook transforms into a spectator's selected card... in their hand.
SYMPHONY Daniel Garcia 2995
Five simple, practical, and powerful magic tricks that require NO crazy gimmicks.
GENESIS v1 Andrei Jikh 3495
The first installment in Andrei Jikh's highly anticipated three DVD cardistry anthology.
FOUNDATIONS Jason England 4995
Every structure begins with the groundwork, the base, the fundamentals.
The Rice Papers Homer Liwag 1995
Three original creations on one DVD, complete with clear performances and instruction in Homer's unique style.
CONTROL 2.0 Wayne Houchin 2495
Developed over half a decade of careful experimentation and performance.
GENESIS v2 Andrei Jikh 3495
Step beneath the surface with intermediate card flourishing moves in this second volume of the Genesis training series by Andrei Jikh.
FIVE Daniel Garcia + Marcus Eddie 2995
A collaborative collection of FIVE practical effects from Marcus Eddie and Daniel Garcia.
The Invisible Deck Justin Willman 1495
The spectator's freely chosen, THOUGHT of card is shown to be the ONLY card reversed - face down - in the deck.
TRANSIT Calen Morelli 200
The rubberband continues to travel impossibly until concluding in a surprise, seamless finale that will leave your audience speechless.
FOUNDATIONS 2 Jason England 4995
7 card handling techniques contained in 3.5 hours of unrivaled instruction by a modern day master - Jason England.
Daniel Garcia Projects Daniel Garcia 2995
Six volumes of Daniel Garcia now available as an instant download for the first time.
REF4M Blake Vogt 1695
A card is torn piece by piece, then restored individually back together.
MiRAGE Alex Geiser 1995
No false actions, funny moves, or visible sleights. It could not look more beautiful.
The Whole Thing Chris Mayhew 1995
One hour and 20 minutes of instruction and insight on the process of good routining.
PURE Ekaterina 2495
15 powerful, elegant, unique flourishes taught in 90 minutes of instruction.
Solo Michael James 2995
90 minutes of content, including ten unique flourishes, four bonus moves, and multiple special features.
Detach Rick Lax 1495
A balloon is audibly SPLIT into two pieces, then slowly, visually fused back together. Let them examine it immediately.
RAPTURE Edward Boswell 1995
Suddenly with a jolt, the entire box VANISHES, leaving only the cards - a normal deck - in your hands. Looks like trick photography!
Jump Mathieu Bich 495
A fun, easy, new effect by Mathieu Bich. A selected card visually JUMPS out of the deck.
Regeneration Blake Vogt 2995
A signed, selected card is visibly, audibly TORN and completely restored - in the spectator's OWN hands.
Twist Mathieu Bich 995
A mind twisting card magic effect where four cards visually flip, transform, and transpose. An incredible FIVE phase routine!
Circuit Zach Heath 2495
Place a ring on your index finger - fairly. With a jolt of your wrist, it visibly JUMPS from finger to finger. Completely examinable.
Single Card Straddle Pass Jason England 695
30 minutes of instruction by expert card technician Jason England.
EDGE Mathieu Bich 995
As your finger gently glides along the edge, the name of their selected card slowly appears written in permanent ink.
Dice Switching Jason England 695
TWO methods for secretly switching one pair of dice for another. For educational or entertainment use ONLY.
FILTER Rick Lax 1995
Three coins VISUALLY and AUDIBLY penetrate a clear drinking glass.
PSYCHO Spidey 695
A demonstration of the power of the unconscious mind. An impossible, triple coincidence by Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian.
Transcript Spidey 695
Three routines based on the classic, iconic mentalism plot: The Book Test.
ReCord Rick Lax 695
A miracle at a moment's notice using an ordinary pair of headphones.
Sneak Peek Spidey 695
Divine a selected name, number, or image - with the paper sealed in your closed fist.
Herrmann Pass with Jason England Jason England 995
Control a single card or stack to the top or bottom of the deck. Taught by Jason England.
Out of My Mind Spidey 995
Based on a concept originally published in 1958. A powerful, impossible mental miracle.
What To Read Jason England 0
One of magic's most well-read, experienced technicians shares his guidance on where to start reading to start learning card magic.
Reflex Patrick Kun 995
Impromptu ring magic in finest form: the ring simply melts through your fingers.
Shredder Spidey 695
Instantly divine secret information written on a folded, torn, shredded piece of paper.
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Check out the Beginners Guide to magic at theory11 and start performing unbelievable magic within hours. Our quick start guide will walk you through the easiest and most impressive magic that we’ve released over the last decade.
What makes theory11 the best source to learn magic?
Our team is composed of the best of the best minds in the magic industry - from performers to consultants that have created illusions for countless magic projects on stage, film, and television. Learn magic tricks directly from the creators.
What are the easiest card tricks to learn?
Our instructional magic training videos will have you amazing your friends and family with simple, visual card tricks that you can perform anytime, anywhere. Start with some of our easiest card tricks and become the life of the party.
What are the best playing cards to use?
Our premium and designer playing cards are the perfect compliment to any magic trick - featuring luxury decks produced in collaboration with Star Wars, Saturday Night Live, Neil Patrick Harris, and more. All made in the USA.
Powerful, impossible magic tricks - taught by the best magicians on the planet.

The World’s Greatest Magic Tricks

The world's best

theory11 is the largest producer of premium, high-end magic tricks. We partner with the top magicians on the planet to create easy, mind blowing magic tricks that you can perform at a moment’s notice.

as seen on television

Our signature magic tricks have been performed in blockbuster films and on hit television shows like Ellen, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Magic For Humans on Netflix, and many more.

start learning magic now

You’ll get instant access to view our high definition streaming instructional videos, so you can start learning the very same day. Quick start your training with easy access to magic tricks on demand.

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