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Foundations 3 Jason England
SIX card techniques taught in 3 hours of instruction by one of the world's foremost experts: Jason England. $49.95
Decoy Eoin O'Hare
A deck of cards VISUALLY compresses. An ingenious method by Eoin O’Hare. Instruction by Zach Mueller. $34.95
Overstuft Bizzaro
Eat the cream out of an Oreo cookie - then slowly, visually refill it! No sleight of hand required. As seen on The Ellen Show with Justin Flom. $29.95
Vapr Will Tsai
Conjure seemingly endless clouds of safe, ethereal smoke with this state-of-the-art device by Will Tsai. $179.95
The Code Andy Nyman
Introducing a powerful new system that enables you to read people's minds and create your own prediction routine. $24.95
NB3 Chase Duncan
Meet Chase Duncan. In his theory11 debut, he teaches three new epic flourishes: Nimbus, Bowtie, and 3D. $6.95
Phantom Spidey
The spectator is asked to THINK of any card they see. Spread the deck - and it's GONE. Where did it go? It was in their hands the entire time. $6.95
Monument Dimitri Arleri
Over two hours of cardistry instruction in Dimitri Arleri's debut cardistry project. $34.95
Dangerous Daniel Madison
Digital Dissolve BJ Bueno
With just a wave, a copper coin VISUALLY changes into a silver. A coin transposition truly worthy of the reactions it receives. $44.95
Schwing Rising Card Chris Kenner
Chris Kenner presents a personal selection from his acclaimed book - Totally Out Of Control. Perform it completely surrounded with ANY deck of playing cards. $4.95
threeFry Chris Kenner
Chris Kenner presents a simple coin trick that looks like real magic. Learn fundamental coin techniques and an incredible routine that ties them together. $4.95
4for4 Switch Chris Kenner
Original, practical, and clean. An essential utility move you can instantly add to your arsenal. The 4for4 Switch is something every card magician should learn and use. $4.95
TIVO 2.0 dananddave
Dan and Dave Buck present an effect so visually striking you'd swear there were duplicates. Originally taught on The Trilogy, learn it now completely on it's own. $4.95
Molecule Cut dananddave
Originally taught on The Trilogy, this fast flourish has become a popular and beloved move among cardists and magicians alike. $4.95