As Seen On Television

As Seen On Television

As seen on TV and in hit blockbuster movies! Learn how to perform the most astonishing and breathtaking magic tricks that you've seen in notable television appearances like Magic For Humans on Netflix, Ellen, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, David Blaine, and more.

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Double Cross Mark Southworth 6000
A permanent mark drawn on your arm visually VANISHES - then appears on the spectator’s hand.
Omega by Max Major 2495
Instantly know the exact card your spectator cut to, without ever touching the deck.
DRESSCODE Calen Morelli 1295
A visual, powerful miracle by Calen Morelli. Resets in less than 15 seconds, and includes everything you need to make it happen.
Regeneration Blake Vogt 2995
A signed, selected card is visibly, audibly TORN and completely restored - in the spectator's OWN hands.
Tarantula 2.0 Yigal Mesika 795
Make any small object FLOAT in mid-air or move on command. The strongest, most reliable levitation device ever produced.
Healed & Sealed by Anders Moden 1995
An empty, crushed can of soda magically reseals and refills itself.
Animation Yigal Mesika 1995
Make any object MOVE on command.
Lit Dan White and Dan Hauss 3495
A matchbook transforms into a spectator's selected card... in their hand.
Sleeper Eoin O'Hare 1000
A freely-selected card rises out of the deck, held completely in the spectator’s hands. Diabolically constructed by Eoin O'Hare. Instruction by Blake Vogt.
Aberdeen Thread James Dickson 695
The most fair, clean, and simple torn and restored thread routine ever devised.
French Kiss Wayne Houchin 1995
The spectator's SIGNED, selected card changes places with another - all while securely held in the spectator's mouth.
52 to 1 Wayne Fox and David Penn 3495
With no sleight of hand, cut the deck to the precise card the spectator is merely THINKING of.
The Invisible Deck Justin Willman 1495
The spectator's freely chosen, THOUGHT of card is shown to be the ONLY card reversed - face down - in the deck.
Self Tying Shoelaces by Jay Noblezada 1995
Tie your shoelaces - automatically - without using your hands!
PRESSURE - Cell Phone in Balloon Daniel Garcia 1995
By Daniel Garcia & Daniel White
CONTROL 2.0 Wayne Houchin 2495
Developed over half a decade of careful experimentation and performance.
Watermark Mathieu Bich 995
Learn a stunning revelation straight from the mind of award-winning magician Mathieu Bich. Simple, direct, and effective.
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